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Eckerd Connects | Academy

Welcome to Eckerd Connects | Academy (ECA).  At ECA, we offer a hybrid learning model that includes online instruction, direct leacher-led instruction, and self-paced coursework. Our flexible online curriculum meets national standards of academic excellence. ECA is a nationally and regionally accredited institution.

We are currently able to serve young adult learners within the Eckerd Connects system seeking a standard high school diploma. The student body receives our complete commitment to making the learning experience both satisfying and productive.

Goals and Outcomes:

We provide a flexible course of study to allow students to obtain a high school diploma regardless of background or previous coursework. Courses will align with the following outcomes:

  • To master academic skills leading to career and technical education advancement.
  • To provide an opportunity to achieve a standard high school diploma.
  • To inspire a renewed enthusiasm for learning through a hybrid curriculum.
  • To improve students’ self-esteem, leadership, problem-solving, and communication skills through the course of studies offered at ECA.


The mission of Eckerd Connects | Academy is to recognize, value, and nurture the unique abilities of each student. We provide a flexible online learning environment that strengthens the skills necessary for success at school, work, home, and in the community. ECA empowers students to achieve a high school diploma through a convenient and highly relevant educational curriculum aligned with real-world skills and knowledge needed for a successful post-high school experience.