Do I have to be homeless to qualify?

Yes. Experiencing homelessness or being at imminent risk of becoming homeless are requirements for our program.

What does being at imminent risk of becoming homeless mean?

Being at imminent risk of becoming homeless means you have received an eviction notice from your landlord.

What if my landlord has already filed my eviction with the courts?

Unfortunately, once your eviction is in the court system we are unable to assist you.

If I am notified by my Landlord that my lease will end soon, am I considered homeless?

No, because a lease provides an end date, thus individuals have the time to prepare to acquire new housing prior to the end of their lease.

Do I have to be a drug addict to receive your services?

No, but our criteria is that you are able to self-report some kind of substance use that has been a problem for you either in the past or currently. Having a problem with drugs, pills, or alcohol does not necessarily mean that you’re an addict. Everyone has a past, and your information remains strictly confidential.

Eckerd Connects has paid for housing assistance for me in the past. Can I receive it again?

Unfortunately, we can only assist one time with financial assistance. We encourage you to call 211 for information on other agencies that may be able to help.

I have nowhere to go, and my kids and I are living in our car/on the street/with a friend. How soon can you help me?

We encourage you to call 211 for immediate shelter referrals, while we assist you in processing your housing assistance application with us. Once we receive your complete application, you will be scheduled an intake date with a case manager. Your case manager will assist you in submitting your payment request for review. Our process takes up to 3 weeks from the time you meet with your case manager for intake. There are no guarantees of payment until your application has been reviewed and a decision has been made.

Do I have to live in Brevard County to receive services?

Yes, you do have to be a resident of Brevard County to receive our services.

Do I have to have a job?

Our goal is that your income is self-sufficient enough to comfortably afford your rent and other monthly expenses. Full time employment is the best way to help achieve this. Other income that we accept is SSD, SSI, child support benefit letters, and TANF.

What type of documentation of income do you accept? Can my employer write a letter?

We accept paystubs, official child support benefit letters, official SSD and SSI benefit letters, and TANF benefit letters. We do not accept letters from employers.

Can you accept pictures of my application?

No pictures are accepted, please fax or scan and email all documents in one complete packet.

If I turn in my application does that mean that I automatically receive services?

Once you turn in all required documents, your application is then reviewed, and you will receive a call from a case manager to clarify anything that needs clarification and to set up an intake appointment. Once you meet with your case manager, it takes up to 2-3 weeks for your application to be processed and a final decision made.

I will lose the place waiting so long for your process! The landlord says since I am working with Eckerd that I can go ahead and move in while it processes. Is that ok?

Please do not move in until you have received final approval from Eckerd. If you do move in before receiving approval, you are considered housed, and will disqualify yourself from being eligible to receive our financial assistance.

Can you call my landlord and talk to them for me, and let them know you are helping me?

Due to our confidentiality policy, we are not able to speak to landlords on your behalf until after you have met with your case manager and have signed a release of information form.

Do you all provide promissory letters?

You may receive our Commitment letter only after you have been through our process and have been notified by your case manager that your request has been approved.