Young mother says “I’m waking up happy to go to work” thanks to Eckerd Connects

Pauline Nipper, a young mother and health care professional, considers herself lucky. Most people can’t say they love going to work every day – but she can.

Of course that hasn’t always been the case. Before Pauline, 22, teamed up with Eckerd Connects, she was working at a gas station, dreaming of one day going back to school in order to support her growing family.

“Back at that time, I was OK,” admitted Pauline. “But I wasn’t happy. It was nowhere near where I wanted to be.”

Pauline made the decision to enroll in Eckerd Connects’ Workforce Develop training program near her home in North Charleston, South Carolina. She entered the program as a high school graduate, but quickly discovered she needed to increase her basic math skills.

“If you feel like you are lacking in an area, they will work with you and help get you back on track,” said Pauline. “In the very beginning they laid out everything I needed to know clearly and easy to understand. They let me know that if I needed help in any way they would do everything they could to make sure I succeeded.”

Pauline began attending day classes and received a work experience opportunity with Caris Health Care as a patient care volunteer. The experience provided Pauline the opportunity to get hands-on skills.

Dedicated and hardworking, Pauline’s volunteer opportunity quickly turned into a full-time position.

“I’m so grateful for the doors this program has opened for me,” said Pauline. “If not for Eckerd Connects, I wouldn’t have this job that I love. I’m waking up happy to go work.”

Pauline plans to continue her education so she can become a registered nurse.

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