Here’s What Our Campers Need To Succeed

New computers would make such a difference for the girls at E-Nini-Hassee. Each station costs $1,200, we hope to raise $18,000 to set-up 15 computer stations.

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The young ladies at E-Nini-Hassee are working on very old computers to complete school assignments, camp projects, and communicate with their family at home. Many are so old they will no longer update or support programs like Microsoft Office.

The girls in this program are here because we believe in their tremendous potential to overcome obstacles and succeed. Though they’ve found themselves on the wrong path, E-Nini-Hassee offers a safe detour. The new road is paved with love, patience, discipline and yes, necessities like computers.

Alyza is a camper who is struggling with outdated tech in the computer lab. She is just starting high school and is determined not to fall behind in school. Being able to do her schoolwork on a reliable computer would mean the world to her.

Please read this letter from Alyza. It will touch your heart.


My name is Alyza, I came to camp when I was in 8th grade, now I am in 9th grade. My plan for when I leave camp is to do virtual school at home.

Picure of a camperI’d like to share with you my struggles with the technology. A lot of the computers are 8-10 years old and Microsoft will no longer support the operating system which makes things very difficult and because they are so old they can’t be updated.

I have been working on a presentation to about “our generation”. It has also been a struggle because the computers are so outdated that the design tab won’t work and I’ll have to wait till I get a laptop to do my presentation. And the trouble is there are only 3 or 4 laptops that are shared between us 30 girls and the teachers.

While we are mainly here for treatment issues, we are also enrolled in school and my education is very important to me and I don’t want to be behind academically when I graduate. We are trying to raise money to update our student computers if you could help me, I would greatly appreciate it.


Alyza- E-Nini-Hassee Camper

The young people in our programs are fighting for their lives every day and they are winning. They deserve the resources necessary to succeed. That’s why I am asking you to give your best gift today.

Each station costs $1,200, we hope to set-up 15 computer stations for a total of $18,000.

Your gift today will help buy the needed computers and support all of our vital programs.

It would be wonderful if Alyza inspires you to send $1,200 for an entire computer station consisting of a desktop computer, 21” monitor, keyboard/mouse, and a current software package. Any amount you can donate will be a real blessing and truly appreciated.

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