National Case Management Recognition Week – A Parent’s Thank You Note

Letter from Parent

I really just want to take a moment and say THANK YOU!

Thank you for coming into my family and re-informing me of how important I AM. Meaning that my happiness was slowly shattering and the only coping mechanism I fell towards was a drink and more importantly the self sabotage I felt I deserve. You have an amazing team and I do apologize for my hostility in the beginning stages, but I’m grateful as well. It made me look at myself and my relationships with you guys to help guide those. Whether they progressed or ended, it happened with peace in my heart.

God bless you all and continue to help. Sometimes as humans and (especially as parents) we feel helpless. You are someones HOPE whether you get told that or not, keep on fighting the good fight and I will always fight the good fight for me and my children. The difference is NOW I came back to my core coping techniques thanks to you all.

Georgia – Reunited Parent, 2019