Success Stories | Nyah

Nyah became homeless at 18 and – due to an unstable family situation – had been living in shelters for the past 3 years. 

Living restlessly with nothing but instability, Nyah seemed destined to slip into the cycle of poverty. That is when she found Eckerd Connects Philadelphia. 

“Going through (this) program has helped me drastically. It set me on the right track to turn my life around” 

Nyah, emotional, telling her storyBreaking the Cycle 

While in our Workforce Development program Nyah developed tremendously. Since enrollment, she completed a Home Health Aide Certification and gained full-time employment. Nyah was a positive role model for her peers in the program and was committed to completing all workshops to gain more knowledge.  

For a paid internship, Nyah became the intern for the Eckerd Connects Philly office. She learned how to promote and market services to a target audience using social media and word-of-mouth marketing. After completing her internship, Nyah was hired full-time with CareBridge Academy.  

In the future, Nyah desires to go to college, and then pursue a career in HR (Human Resources) for non-profit agencies.  

“I am going to college in 2022. I am lucky to have secured a reliable, consistent, and permanent support system from Eckerd Connects.” 

She started college previously, but a lack of housing and sustainable income caused her to withdraw. She has reapplied and will be returning to La Salle University in 2022. She knows this time will be different. 

 “I am now better prepared to handle what life throws” 

The Last Barrier 

While many things in Nyah’s life have changed because of the program, she is still unable to afford to leave the shelter system.  

In her situation, saving money to pay first and last month’s rent is impossible, not to mention the cost of furniture and other necessities.  

In desperate need of a solution, Nyah and the Philly team applied for a Success Award to supply Nyah with the funds to leave the shelter and find a stable living environment. 

A Success Award is an initiative of Eckerd Connects in which deserving participants are awarded financial grants to help them further succeed after they leave the program.  

Nyah has done all she can to get her life back on track and now needs YOUR support! 

“This award would prevent me from going back into the shelter system.” 

Your donation will help keep young people, like Nyah, off the streets and help to connect them to their potential: 

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