Success Stories | Sheryl

I had been struggling with alcohol addiction for years and I could no longer control myself. I lost custody of my son, my family no longer wanted anything to do with me, and I became homeless.

DCF filed a case plan that I had to complete in order for me to be reunified with my son. In the beginning, it was very hard because I was attending outpatient drug treatment and it was not helping me stay sober as I was still around people who used drugs. I was depressed, and alcohol was easy to pick up.

I realized the way I was handling things was not working. I began to look up inpatient facilities and voluntarily went to a detox center with Aspire and filled out applications for inpatient programs and was accepted into The Anthony House.

The Anthony House is a residential substance use 9-month treatment program for women and their children. While there, I attended weekly NA meetings, 12 steps, and DCF-approved classes that included women empowerment, coping skills, seeking safety, and the effects of trauma. I also spoke with a therapist weekly and begin to work through my addiction and post-trauma and begin healing.

With the support of my friends and family, I was able to push through the program. With seven (7) months in the program, I was able to obtain employment and work towards my future living sober.

Coming up on graduating from the Anthony House, I was accepted into housing and found an apartment. With assistance from Eckerd Connects – Family Services, I was able to move into my dream home! The judge also granted me reunification with my son for successfully completing the program and case plan.

I am so happy in my life right now I can truly say I am blessed to be here and living a sober life.

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