Success Stories | Shanteer

After her release from prison, Shanteer stayed in transitional housing in Jacksonville for six months. She then moved in with her father until one day they got into a physical altercation. Shanteer needed her own place to live but she didn’t have a job and she was afraid to step out on her own. She felt lost. 

Shanteer in her new apartmentAt this time, a friend suggested she reach out to Eckerd Connects for assistance. After completing the application process, Shanteer was then connected with a case manager and things slowly started to change.  

“None of this would have been possible if not for the help of Eckerd Connects, the amazing staff, and the donors. The help I received was a true blessing.” 

With our Homeless Outreach program, Shanteer created a vision board to foucs on her short- and long-term financial, personal, and career goals. Through generous program donations, we were able to help her with transitional needs as she moved into her own place and found a job. 

“I received a Christmas basket, move-in basket, move-in cost assistance, security deposit, utilities, and furniture… it was everything I needed to get on my feet.” 

Shanteer wasn’t just unemployed and homeless, she was struggling with mental health issues and needed professional help. Our Family Support Services was able to find Shanteer a counselor so she could work through her struggles. She now attends counseling once a week and feels it has made all the difference. 

“I am a true success story because of where I came from and where I am today. I know that I can do anything I set my mind to, and it was possible because of Eckerd Connects Family Support Services.” 

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