Success Stories | Sadie

Sadie first attempted to enroll in the Eckerd Connects Workforce Development program in 2018; she soon discovered, starting the program at that time was not “right” for her.  Sadie acknowledged that she could not meet the requirements of the program due to being irresponsible at the time.  After a year to mature Sadie returned to the program in February of 2019 and was enrolled a few weeks later.

Sadie participated in a variety of employment-based workshops and lessons to assist her in identifying a career pathway at the Eckerd Connects Workforce Development program in Deland, FL.  The workforce lessons that Sadie learned included:

  • Career Interest Assessment and Career Exploration
  • Post-Secondary Exploration
  • Online Applications
  • Job Search Basics
  • Dress for Success
  • Technology and Social Media Impact on Employment
  • Resume Basics/Construction

As a participate of the Eckerd Connects program, Sadie was also exposed to a wide array of lessons and workshops to assist them with managing their lives outside of work. These lessons included:

  • General Financial Literacy Overview/Basics
  • Leadership
  • FDI Money Smart financial literacy program (6 different lessons)
  • Domestic Violence
  • Anger Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Ethics
  • Identity Theft
  • Drug Use/Abuse Prevention

Sadie earned two credentials as a participant in the program with the first being a First Aid Credential in March 2019 and her last, most important being her GED/High School Diploma on October 15, 2019.

Sadie was enrolled late February 2019 and later completed the program in late January of 2020.  Sadie obtained employment at RaceTrac in Orange City, FL and by doing so she became a Youth Positive Outcome/graduate of the Eckerd Connects Workforce Development program.  She informed the Career Coach at the Deland site when she came to sign an incentive in mid- June that she just earned a promotion as a Shift Leader/Supervisor.  Sadie elaborated that she would be splitting time between the Orange City and in Osteen, FL locations. She also added that she has moved into a new residence and has purchased a newer, more reliable automobile.  The Career Coach and her also discussed how time rushes by as Sadie’s daughter, Kaliyah, is now 11 months old, as Sadie had her in July only five months after being enrolled.

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