Success Stories | Ricardo

Ricardo shyly reached out to us for help in finishing his high school education. He had been out of the public school system since the pandemic occurred in 2020 but was ready to invest in his future again.

As soon as his Career Coach met him in person, she saw him for the bright young man he is – knowing he just needed the right guidance to break down barriers.

Ricardo was selected for Penn Foster, a virtual online high school program that allows students to complete their diploma at their own pace with guidance from their Career Coach. Although this program didn’t work for him and he shouldered some disappointments, he became more driven than ever to achieve his goals and decided to pursue the GED route.

Ricardo and his Career Coach collaborated to devise a game plan to ensure that he would successfully earn his diploma. He began his studies in December 2022 and scored well above the minimum passing score required for all four GED exams in February 2023.

As he diligently studied for the GED, Ricardo also began his Work Experience (WEX) internship with a community partner, Heal Their Land Ministries. He worked as a Graphic Designer and Marketing Representative, roles that allowed him to pick up various marketable skills such as social media, content development, design, and sales. This opportunity allowed him to fine-tune his bilingual skills and he became an asset to the organization in English to Spanish translation to expand their customer reach.

Ricardo’s hard work and dedication allowed him to knock down barriers of education, overcome his shyness, and become an effective communicator. We’re proud to announce that he has earned his first job: he is now employed full-time with Heal Their Land Ministries.

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