Success Stories | Petouchka

Petouchka experienced various medical issues while in public schooling that made it difficult for her to be successful, so she sought out alternative schooling options. Through people in her church, she learned about our Workforce Development program and started the process of enrollment.

She began to take online practice tests to identify areas of strength and weakness, and eventually passed all her official subject tests over the course of several months. Her path to obtaining her diploma wasn’t the easiest or quickest as she took a total of 15 GED tests, but her determination to earn it was the deciding factor that got her to cross the finish line of victory. Mr. Royer, the Career Coach at our Deland, Florida location, tells participants that the two largest factors in earning a High School Diploma are an individual’s academic strength and their work ethic. Patouchka’s work ethic propelled her to success.

Petouchka is now in the process of career exploration, and she’s participating in the Work Experience (WEX) portion of our Workforce Development program. This allows participants to work with an area employer in a field they’re interested in so they can gain insight into what a career would look like in order to choose a path with as much information as possible. Petouchka has an interest in the medical field as a Physical Therapist, but began a WEX with a local acupuncturist. This helps her gain experience in key components of the field, like documentation and patient care, while exposing her to a career she hadn’t considered. She’s thrilled to be learning so much and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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