Success Stories | Noah

Noah was never a bad kid. In school, he was an honors student and a member of the Drug-Free Teen club. He did make a wrong decision though, one that resulted in him being involved with the Juvenile Justice Department and referred to our Pathways program. 

When he came to Pathways, Noah felt that he had let himself and his family down by being charged with a crime. As a result, he worked hard to make things right, satisfied all his requirements, and is on target for a successful discharge.  

Our staff worked alongside Noah to give him the tools to become the person he yearned to be. They met his needs for growth in a holistic and comprehensive manner.  

Because of his diligence, Noah was nominated for a Success Award! He used it to purchase camera equipment and a laptop. He explained:  

“I wanted to get into photography because growing up my mom had these old school film cameras. I want to be able to capture my experiences and hopefully have the talent to do something more than just a hobby.”  

Noah is due to graduate in just a few months and says the new laptop will help him now but will also be incredibly important as he prepares for his future. 

“I was using my iPhone to do homework and apply for jobs; I could only apply for colleges at the school library. A laptop makes my life a whole lot easier. It will be much needed for college next year.” 

Noah still has a few memories left to experience in high school. He is SO excited to go to prom – and now has a camera to capture those moments! 

“Prom only comes once, and I’m so happy that I turned my life around to experience it.” 

After graduation, he is applying to a trade school so that he can become a boat mechanic and work on engines.  

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