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No direction 

Latavias at workLatavius is no stranger to life’s adversity and challenges. Growing up he saw his parents struggle with substance abuse and watched a sibling become incarcerated. He was the definition of an at-risk youth. Living in Gifford, Florida, Latavius did not have a sense of direction and did not know what he was capable of as a young person.  

At the age of 16, he came to our Workforce Development Program for information regarding career pathways and internship opportunities. He was in the process of taking his last exam to earn his GED and was looking for the next step in his future.  

After completing his secondary education at Treasure Coast Technical College’s GED Program, he enrolled in Youth Connections to figure out a career path.  

Finding a path 

Latavius completed many career exploration assessments and inventories. He decided on the IT (Information Technology) Industry and Retail/Customer Service as his preferred fields of interest.  

He was placed at Orchid Insurance Underwriters, LLC, for his internship as a network specialist in their IT Department. He impressed other employees so much, he was gifted a personal laptop to be used for his upcoming plans for college! 

Preparing for his future 

Latavius continues to prepare for school, while working as a Sales Associate at Journeys Shoe store in the local mall. He has developed a great sense of confidence in his own capabilities from his experience in the internship and his ability to gain employment.  

Latavius states that Eckerd Connects was a crucial stepping stone in his learning process, and it helped him to progress to where he is today. 

He is extremely grateful for what the Eckerd Connects did for him and wishes the best to all students who can take advantage of such a great program. 

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