Success Stories | Lashawnta

In October 2021, Lashawnta quit her job in fast food – and began the short walk to our office.

In that moment, she was parenting and pregnant with another child. She had realized that she needed to end her time in fast food and look for a career that would sustain her growing family.

Through assessments, self-reflection, and lots of discussion with her career advisor, Lashawnta decided to enroll in the Medical Administration Training at Craven Community College. She utilized resources that provided her with a computer to use during her online courses, allowing her to keep up with the workload. She was able to keep working towards her goal while entering the late stages of her pregnancy as well as continuing to care for her son.

In December of 2022, Lashawnta completed her credential.

Lashawnta entered her first work experience that year with the New Bern Housing Authority as a receptionist. There, she gained office skills and experience working with the public. She made connections with an amazing team of professionals who were more than proud to take her under their wing and foster her growth in this position. Lashawnta requested a second work experience with New Bern Housing Authority, taking on more responsibility in an administrative setting. She grew her skillset and found her passion in serving the public – something that our team was privileged to witness firsthand at community events in which she promoted the good work that New Bern Housing Authority does for the area.

The last day of her work experience was a day of celebration – so many people who had mentored and guided Lashawnta showed up to celebrate her success, and New Bern Housing Authority offered her a full-time position. We are tremendously proud of her hard work and dedication as it continues to pay off!

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