Success Stories | KhaDaija

KhaDaija is a single mother to two children under 3 years old. When she found our program, KhaDaija and her children were facing homelessness, often staying in hotels; she had a low-paying job with a 2- hour commute to work and an unreliable vehicle.  

Image of KhaDaija in her work uniformKhaDaija recently applied for a Success Award because her car broke down. She is now exclusively using ride-share services to do daily tasks like taking her kids to daycare or getting to work.  

Shortly after joining the program, KhaDaija began the CNA program with Neslyn Health Institute. When she received her CNA license, she began Medical Assistant training at Care One Health Institute. Even with the pandemic extending the program, and while working two jobs, KhaDaija is mere hours away from finishing with her certification. 

As you can imagine, paying for daily ridesharing, daycare, rent, and other needs for her family quickly adds up. It is impossible for KhaDaija to find money to put away for car repairs. She is asking for help with her family’s daily travel; her current situation is unsustainable. A reliable car will also open work opportunities for Khadaija, and make her more accessible when her job demands. 

KhaDaija has shown resilience as she has pushed past the barriers of parenting, low income, and homelessness. A role model to the other single parents around her, KhaDaija is accountable, focused, and driven to succeed. Now, she needs your help to get to the next stage in her growth. 

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