Success Stories | John

John is without question the result of why we aim to serve our population, hoping they are a successful completion and will reciprocate the opportunities to others! Both of his cousins successfully graduated Eckerd Connects Workforce Development and informed John of the program. He verbalized how each had encouraged him to come to the Babe James Center to meet with staff concerning his desire to participate in the program.

Habitual Truancy

John spoke about how he would miss classes because didn’t get along well with the peers at the high school! He verbalized how his mom and dad tried to encourage him, but eventually, he dropped out. He stated that one of the main reasons he wanted to participate in the Workforce Development program was because of his cousin’s telling him that the program provided a positive, manageable classroom populated environment where he could receive academic help and be able to improve his work readiness skills. He verbalized how he realized he needed to earn his diploma as a step in becoming productive in the workforce.

Future Graduate

John continues to take part in our program. He has passed all of his academic pretest, three of his actual GED tests, and only needs to pass his Math GED to earn his diploma. He continues to study his needed areas of improvement, based on his previous test results.

He has completed the following work readiness workshops: Keeping the Job, Dress for Success, Interviewing Skills, Workplace Behavior, and WorkPlace Ethics. John has also participated in Life Skills Workshops such as Domestic Violence, HIV/AIDS/STD, Alcohol and Drug Abuse.

Finding Work

John at Work

John took full advantage and successfully completed our Work Experience (WEX) with Yaupon Brothers. He was a smash hit! The owners throughout his work experience communicated that John was a team player, presented with a positive level of soft skills and work readiness skills. John would often verbalize how he really enjoyed the managers, work environment, and interacting with customers. Staff constantly commends and encourages John because of his outstanding work and work readiness skills.

John’s work ethics and workplace behavior resulted in him being offered and accepting the opportunity to become gainfully employed with Yaupon Brothers. The owners were so pleased with John’s character that they asked we had another candidate for a new WEX with the company.

This show just how vital it is that we just don’t teach work readiness skills, but that we emphasize to our youth that they consistently exhibit these skills.


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