Success Stories | Jared

Picutre of Jared dressed nicely and smiling
“This program is the best thing that could have happened to me. You guys believed in me and that allowed me to believe in myself.

Jared was unsure of what steps to take after withdrawing from high school without earning his diploma. He had taken the GED exam but was unable to pass. 

Jared and his mother relocated to Pasco from St. Petersburg after experiencing homelessness, they were chosen to be a part of the Housing Authority program that works to help families in need. Through this program, Jared was introduced to Eckerd Connects and the CareerSource Pasco Hernando Youth Program in Dade City.  

After completing the seven-day Develop U Employability Skills Workshop, Jared enrolled into a pre-GED class and allowed the time he needed to study and prepare. Jared was also able to gain a paid Work Experience position with a local tire company which was perfectly aligned with his desire to one day become an automobile mechanic. Things were going great until the global pandemic forced Jared to stop working and going to class.  

Jared showed great motivation and flexibility, working with our staff to develop a plan that allowed him to eventually take and pass all subjects of the GED test and obtain his diploma. He was able to regain a permanent position with his employer and dreams of one day owning his own repair business.  

Through it all, Jared’s attitude and commitment to a better way of life has been an inspiration to all those around him. His story goes to show that, no matter what the circumstances, if you believe in yourself and continue to work hard, all things are possible.  

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