Success Stories | Jaice

Jaice was one of three brothers that all sought out alternative schooling options when public schooling couldn’t accommodate their individual wants and needs. He was having a difficult time achieving success in high school due to poor attendance and not completing class assignments. These are common issues of participants that enroll in our Workforce Development programs because earning money becomes more important for a variety of reasons. We wanted to ensure Jaice had the career readiness skills to increase his earning potential later in life.

Upon being enrolled in our program, Jaice was working at a local car wash, and had been for quite some time. He participated in workshops and lessons to help him achieve the financial independence he desired, some of which included mock interview practice, soft skills assessments, networking, and more.

Jaice earned his high school diploma this May and is interested in pursuing a career in real estate or automotive repair. Prior to successfully graduating, he began a Work Experience with Littlefield’s Paint & Body so he could obtain some experience for pursuing a career in the automotive industry. Since he’s been able to earn his diploma before some of his peers, he’s taking time to save money before he begins college with them.

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