Success Stories | Hashmatullah

Hashmatullah B. came to the Denver Workforce Center powered by Eckerd Connects in need of assistance due to being in a low-paying job as

an IT Specialist with Team Logic.  Hashmatullah is a New American from Afghanistan and was working for a DOD contractor in Kabul as an Information Communication Technology Specialist with IDLG (Independent Directorate of Local Governance) and was making $6/hr.  He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Network, and Systems Administrator from Kardan University in Kabul.

Hashmatullah and his family relocated to Colorado when the US withdrew from Afghanistan and the Taliban took over the city.  Despite his degree, he was having a hard time finding employment in IT due to his degree being considered a high school diploma.  Hashmatullah and his family qualified for WIOA AD and were on SNAP benefits which qualified him for Priority of Service.  He enrolled in TechNation Careers for the CompTIA A+ program.  TechNation Career is an education training provider that specializes in assisting New Americans with job placement through training.  He successfully completed the CompTIA A+ program with TechNation and then successfully passed the exam and became certified in A+.

Once Hashmatullah completed his program, he was having a hard time finding employment.  He worked closely with TechNation to revamp his resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn account.  Furthermore, he developed a job search plan and looked for jobs that needed his newly learned skills in Desktop Support – but more importantly, his leadership and management skills.  He started his job search and was able to start generating interviews.

Through the help of Denver Workforce Services powered by Eckerd Connects, Hashmatullah interviewed with a company called Encore and after interviewing several times, he was offered a job as an IT Manager making $31.25/hr.  This new position has been able to help him and his family move out of transitional living and they now have an apartment.  He is extremely thankful for the opportunity Denver Workforce Services powered by Eckerd Connects has provided and would recommend it to all his friends.

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