Success Stories | Gabriel

Young Gabe showing of awardWhen Gabriel was first referred to Eckerd Connects Louisiana Wraparound Agency, his mom was very reluctant to receive services at first. She had a lot of anxiety in the beginning and did not want many people in her home at once. Jerry Hughes, Wraparound Facilitator, continued to reassure her they could go at a slow pace and add others later. Gabriel recently successfully graduated from the program and his mom sent Jerry these friendly words of appreciation.

“Thank you so much for everything. You helped us so much. Gabriel used to be so disobedient and loud and angry and physical, and now he is calm; he’s kind; he’s helpful, especially with elders, and he even gets on to the little kids at his grandparents if they’re acting up. If he makes a big mess too big to where he needs help, he’ll calmly come tell me and his daddy that he made a big mess and needs our help. He’s a smart kind and happy soul now and we couldn’t be (happier) to have y’all having a part of our lives to show us a better perspective on different situations and how to make the best out of anything and how to work together to make it through. Just thank y’all so much. We love y’all guys. Y’all be safe and take care.”

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