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Fatov entered the Eckerd Connects Train & Earn Program in Jamaica, Queens in October 2021.  She had earned her GED but was looking for help starting on her career path. 

“I knew exactly what I wanted to pursue as a career. It has always been one of my biggest dreams to become a Physician and specialize in OB/GYN. Unfortunately, I never knew where to start or which steps to take.” 

Image of FatovWhile in the program, Fatov had excellent attendance, completed all required coursework, and showed a true commitment to pursuing her career goals. She earned her national certification in Customer Service and was named “MVP” of the program in her area. 

“My willingness to learn new things and do my best to succeed in everything I do makes me who I am.” 

Fatov also volunteers as often as she can by helping the kids in her neighborhood with their math homework, raking leaves for elderly neighbors, and donating blood for those in need. Originally from Senegal with French being her first language, Fatov also volunteers as a translator for French-speaking families at her local grade school. 

“I am always ready to help people in my community.” 

Fatov embodies responsibility and commitment and has blossomed into a resilient, determined young lady who is focused on achieving her goals! Unfortunately, as a first-year student starting college Fatov is still facing barriers that could limit her potential. 

“I need to purchase several books during my studies, metro cards for transportation to and from college, advanced computer software packages, and hotspot (Wi-fi) to do my pre-med research and fulfill medical school requirements.” 

Fatov’s ability to persevere towards her long-term goals is inspiring. In addition to school, she recently started her internship working at a doctor’s office and she loves it. Proper guidance and training is all Fatov needed to get to the next phase in her journey, but now she needs your help as she reaches towards her full potential. 

“I know being a physician might not be an easy path to follow. I may not be able to take shortcuts or skip steps, but as we say there are no elevators to success, you must take the stairs.” 

Fatov is up for the challenge of becoming the first college graduate in her family. Sponsoring this Success Award would not only help financially, but would let Fatov know that you believe in her. 

“Although my parents never attended college because they could not afford it, I made it my mission to complete my education at the highest level possible. With my hard-work, self-discipline, and with financial support, I can excel in my studies.” 

We know Fatov will succeed if she’s able to continue her education. It is up to us to help her take the next step towards her goals.  

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