Success Stories | Ethan

Ready to earn his diploma 

Pitcure of Ethan after workEthan learned of the Eckerd Connects Workforce Development program and the services provided through a friend who was already in the program. He enrolled a few weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. 

Ethan was seeking to earn his GED. He experienced personal issues as a teenager that forced him to drop out before he could graduate.  

At 22 years old, he realized the importance of obtaining his diploma and was excited to learn the various employment and life lessons that we provide participants.  

Dealing with COVID-19 

Unfortunately, Ethan suffered during the pandemic like many Americans and individuals worldwide. 

Ethan was in class for three weeks before classes at the Chisholm Community Center in Deland, FL were postponed indefinitely due to the pandemic. 

Finding a job 

As a result of the pandemic, Ethan did not have the luxury of waiting until classes resumed because he needed to begin working to provide for himself due to his age. Ethan started working with Professional Services Group (PSG) in Deland, FL. 

PSG performs excavation, utility, and concrete repairs in the area on both a residential and commercial scale. Once classes resumed, Ethan was unable to attend since he had begun working; however, he was academically strong which allowed him to take his four GED subject area tests starting in June when testing at participating centers resumed. 

Becoming more employable 

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, Ethan participated in multiple workshops and lessons to help him as an employee and in his personal life. These workshops addressed work ethic and interviewing preparation, financial management and personal life skill development. 

After Ethan obtained his diploma in late July, he successfully completed the Eckerd Connects Workforce Development program. 

Future Goals 

Ethan is still employed at PSG, but his future goals include learning carpet and flooring installation.

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