Success Stories | Dylan

Dylan and her mother searched for different schooling options after discovering multiple credit hours would not transfer over from Florida Virtual School.   

Dylan had learned of Eckerd Connects Workforce Development from a friend and spoke to the Deland site Career Coach about the program.  Although her mother was initially reluctant, she trusted her daughter, and she started the enrollment process.   

Dylan was very committed to the program, and her attendance was exceptional. Despite her young age, Dylan was a very mature and professional individual.  

In May, Dylan completed the Eckerd Connects Workforce Development entry program; she enrolled as a full-time participant shortly after. 

Taking Full Advantage 

One of the first credentials she obtained as a program participant was her SafeStaff Food Handlers credential. These trains participants in proper food handling, storage, and cooking. It helps participants with employment and pursuing a career in the food industry. 

Dylan’s hard work and persistence towards future success led to another strong credential that program participants need to pursue their desired career path. A month and a half after enrolling in our Workforce Development program, Dylan became a high school graduate! 

Skills and Training 

Dylan completed various workshops to help her obtain employment and find a career path to follow.  Lessons and workshops she attended were:  

  • Thank You Letters  
  • Mock Interview Tips/Practice  
  • Career Exploration 
  • Soft Skills 
  • Career Interests 
  • Networking 
  • Business/Workplace Ethics  
  • Resume Creation 
  • Post-Secondary Workshop  

Dylan also had many life skills presentations/workshops to help her manage her life outside of employment, and those included:   

  • Miscellaneous Tax Information 
  • Consumer Credit Basics 
  • Domestic Violence 
  • Anger Management 

Dylan had an interest in cosmetology upon being initially enrolled.  In late June, she began a Work Experience (WEX) which enables program participants to gain employment experience in a career of their interest.   

Work Experience 

Dylan worked at a hair studio in northern Deland and her time working there confirmed a career in hair design was what she desired.   

In September of this year, Dylan enrolled in the International Academy of Hair Design, a cosmetology school in Daytona, and the program concludes in early July of 2022.  This month, Dylan will complete her 160 hours of work experience to become a Youth Positive Outcome (YPO) and successfully graduate from the program.   

Dylan has been a superstar and maximized the opportunity Eckerd Connects Workforce Development gave her. Her Career Coach was so impressed; she will be nominating her for the Success Award.   

A Success Award is an initiative of Eckerd Connects in which deserving participants are awarded financial grants to help them further succeed after they leave the program.  

Learn more about our Workforce Development Program or Success Awards here: 

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