Success Stories | Dylan

Dylan, a 16-year-old high school dropout, was in need of direction, structure, and stability in his life.

He came to our Northwest Georgia Workforce Development program not only to receive his General Education Diploma (GED), but also to change his outlook on the career success that was possible for him.

Dylan was told by the public school that he attended that he would be unable to return. While this rejection could have been a major setback for this young man, his grandmother’s determined support coupled with Dylan’s commitment to leaning into his potential allowed him to continue on the road to achievement and expand his vision. He worked with his grandmother to seek out other means to receive high school equivalency.

One of Eckerd Connects’ WEX (Work Experience) partners shared information with their family about the services we could provide to Dylan as he plowed his way to success.

Though he came to us with a demonstrated commitment, there were many outside distractions and influences competing for his attention. Dylan wrestled with his focus, and with the help of his caring family and our devoted staff, he remained on track.

From Day One, Dylan told us that he loved the optimal student-to-teacher ratio he had in our educational environments, the push to succeed without fear-based intimidation, and the assistance he received from start to finish. Through his trials and struggles, quitting was never an option. It was this attitude that allowed him to reach his first educational goal: he completed his GED training and passed the GED test.

With one huge victory under his belt, he pressed on.

Dylan attended the Career Compass Academy with great success and showed us his appreciation of all the knowledge he gained for the workforce and his future career. He is proudly employed in the community in which he lives within the restaurant business and plans to raise the bar of achievement for himself as he aims to become a college student.

His gratitude for this opportunity has been plain to see, and he is thankful most of all to the support system that stuck by him on the evolution to becoming who he was meant to be. Today, Dylan continues to thrive socially as he focuses on his own individuality and remains proactive in distancing himself from relationships in his life that weren’t positive. With a strong foundation established, he looks forward to further milestones that he can pursue and obtain.

While attending school, Dylan took care of his grandfather. This ignited a passion in him for the medical field as he considers ways he can help other elderly individuals to thrive in their stage of life. He is considering beginning a CNA program and perhaps moving ahead in the health care field with a focus in geriatrics.

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