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Mothers working to overcome their past and secure a future for their children are amazing, and some of the strongest people you will ever meet. Read Brandy’s story of hard work and hope.

An Opportunity to Succeed

Brandy and Family

Brandy, the single mother of three young children, knew she needed help but didn’t know where to start. She had the motivation and the determination to succeed, but lacked the opportunity and foundation skills needed to move forward. Brandy’s career counselor immediately saw something special in her:

“Brandy showed me the ‘True version’ of herself from the very first interview,” said Antwon, Brandy’s Counselor. “I believed from day one she could be something special. She paid attention. I saw she was no nonsense and always exceeded expectations. She was invested in the program. Her answer was always ‘I got this’ or ‘I’m going to take care of it.’ She was always three steps ahead. Brandy was the perfect youth to have in the program—she knew why she was here, and she knew who she was doing it for. She makes me understand why we are doing this program and why it works. Young people who are motivated, have a dream, and do the work — Succeed.”

Hard Work Pays Off

While balancing full-time employment and family, Brandy remained focused on her continued education. She wants to be a role model for her kids:

“I’ve been working since I was 14. I always wanted to be independent and self-employed. My daughter was born five years ago when I was 19, and I also have two sons who are one and four. My kids motivate me to be a better person. I get my drive from my kids, they look up to me. I am their foundation and I want to build something for them. My favorite part of being a mom is that I have a bond with them. I can’t picture life without them.”

Brandy received her High School diploma and is 90% through her Medical Assistant Certificate. Here next step is an RN program and eventually, she plans to own a residential care facility for the elderly. Brandy has a heart for the elderly–she likes being their friend, especially the ones who don’t have anyone else. We have no doubt she will achieve her goals.

Helping young mothers like Brandy; doesn’t help just help one person, it changes the lives of her children and impacts the community in so many ways. I’m passionate about helping young mothers overcome challenges and provide a safe, stable home for their children.

Happy Brandy

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