Success Stories | Brandon

Brandon says that his probation and referral to our program was the best thing that ever happened to him. “It was scary and life-changing.”

Through this experience, he has undergone a significant personal transformation, from an angry young man who had a difficult time regulating himself to a committed citizen who is dedicated to improvement, actively seeking mentorship, and pursuing further education and employment.

Since entering Eckerd Connects’ CenLA diversion program, Brandon has stayed out of trouble and been an asset to his family. He has volunteered with his sister’s and cousins’ softball team and has stepped up significantly to help his grandmother after surgery.

He wants to attend driving school, but can’t afford the program. Through our Success Awards program, our generous donors will support him so he can pursue this goal. He will be beginning a job on Fort Polk very soon, and hopes to decrease the burden on his mother by having a license so he can help her transport his siblings and accomplish other tasks for the household. “I know I am something to be proud of,” he wrote to us, “and I intend on continuing to show it.”

Brandon had recently saved up $300 to put either towards driving school or to fix up his truck, but he decided to give the money to his mom to help all his siblings get school supplies. His sponsor said he should have let her know, but Brandon shrugged his shoulders. He teared up when he discovered his Success Award had been approved.

“He’s wanting to go to school, but until he’s able to get his license, he is sleeping on his cousin’s couch during the week just so he has a ride to work,” his sponsor wrote. “This kid is beyond deserving… I really appreciate and thank the sponsors for giving this kid a shot.”

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