Success Stories | Ava

We all face obstacles on the path to success. When communities band together to remove those obstacles for deserving young people, we multiply their opportunities to succeed.


Ava is a young woman who lives with her mother and sister in a small room in a friend’s home. Her family’s hardships are significant, but they haven’t stopped Ava from pursuing her dreams. Despite her lack of a driver’s license or car, she had perfect attendance as she obtained her GED through an Eckerd Connects’ program.

Through her work experience with us, Ava is learning administrative and people skills. These transferrable skills will help her in her future endeavors and have earned her the positive regard of her coworkers. She’s saving her work earnings to purchase a vehicle so she can begin college with transportation to and from class.

Ava is deeply thankful for the opportunities she’s been offered to pursue her education and has maintained an outstanding attitude despite her circumstances. She is positive and humble, even volunteering to tutor others as they attain their GED.

“Ava has proven to the Eckerd Connects staff that she is willing to give back to others while she works through her own challenges and plans to attend college in January 2022,” says her Program Manager.

She is eager to begin her college journey and work toward her goals – but her biggest obstacle is needing a new pair of glasses to complete her assignments, remain focused and productive in her classes, and secure a driver’s license. Her goal is to become a Surgical Technician.

Because Ava is saving diligently for a vehicle, this sizable and unexpected expense will be detrimental to her budget and cause a setback. Through the Eckerd Connects Success Award program, our generous donors are going to provide Ava with an eye exam and 2 pairs of glasses from America’s Best Eyeglasses so that she can continue to save her hard-earned money and, no doubt, achieve her dreams.


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