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In his time with Project Bridge, Anthony has shown a true desire to turn his life around for the better.

Anthony works part time as a plumber, but has bigger aspirations for his future. Unfortunately, the salary he earns isn’t quite enough to propel him forward, although he’s got his eye on some worthy goals.

He wrote to us: “I’ve always enjoyed not only keeping myself in good physical health, but helping people progress and achieve their goals as far as their own health, confidence, ambition, and anything that someone strives to do but needs that extra little guidance and leadership to get them started and stay consistent.”

Anthony’s program sponsor applied for a Success Award scholarship in hopes of securing the needed tools for his continued growth. Our generous donors granted this applicant a laptop computer and a NASM Personal Training Certification Tuition Package so that he can begin his journey. “This certification course is important to me,” a thankful Anthony reflected, “this career is so important to me.”

His Project Bridge sponsor notes that Anthony has demonstrated that he has the diligence to independently complete the work required of him. Furthermore, she writes, his character speaks for itself. “Anthony’s giving heart has shown in how he helps community members in his neighborhood. He takes the time to mow his neighbors’ lawns and he also helps elderly residents with running errands.”

Anthony is nursing several fantastic career dreams and demonstrates his ambition to his mentors each day. He has dreamed about opening his own health food restaurant, developing a customized meal prep brand that caters to the individual’s daily calories and protein needs, or having his own personal training and physical therapy business. Perhaps most notably, Anthony dreams of starting a youth boxing/mixed martial arts gym for troubled youth that need guidance – specifically, guidance from someone who has been in their shoes.

“He has passionately advocated for his desire to be healthy and fit, and gain his certification to help others achieve similar goals,” his sponsor wrote. “We want to be able to help him achieve these aspirations for his life.”

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