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Andie is new to the Eckerd Connects NYC Experience, but he is already exhibiting positive traits and taking the necessary steps to succeed in his career journey.  

Andie has big dreams for himself and his family, which is why he joined the Eckerd Connects Experience. He is a father who came to Eckerd Connects with one mission; to become the best version of himself, so that he could be a better husband to his wife, and a role model to his three-year-old son. 

Since joining our program, Andie has thrived, exuding confidence in all that he does. He recently completed the six-week training, including receiving his National Retail Federation (NRF) Customer Service certificate. 

Andie was a little apprehensive about taking the 90-minute, 75-question, pass-or-fail test. However, after class, Andie worked with his Customer Service instructor and put in extra hours of study time 

As a result, we are pleased to say Andie passed his NRF exam.  

Andie’s most recent accomplishment was hosting Eckerd Connects NYC IG Live, where he could highlight his interpersonal, leadership, and transferable skills.  

For two days before the IG Live, Andie came into the office, practiced, and asked questions preparing for his IG Live hosting experience.  

Although Andie stated that he was proud of himself, he spoke to how Eckerd Connects continues to help him grow into the man he aspires to be. 

 After the IG Live Event, Andie stated,  

“Man, I can’t believe that I just did. You guys helped me to believe in myself by allowing me the opportunity to host this event.” 

Andie went on to say that hosting this event made him think about pursuing a career in media or podcasting. 

Andie is the definition of commitment, resilience, and perseverance. We are proud of Andie for stepping outside of his comfort zone and trying new things while learning more about himself in this journey. 

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