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Alek smiling for the cameraFinding a path that works 

Alek sought information about the Eckerd Connects Workforce Development program in 2020. Eventually, the opportunity for him to enroll came, and after successfully completing the trial portion of the program, he was enrolled.  

Alek explained that he lost motivation and his attention wavered as a high school student. He learned of our program from a friend who was also participating.  

Alek elaborated that his lack of success in high school was not because he was not focused or due to academic struggles. The high school process didn’t meet his needs as a learner and he needed a streamlined way to earn his diploma. He needed something like Eckerd Connects Workforce Development to be successful in life. 

Thriving during COVID-19 

Alek was one of the students that enrolled early on the day that the Chisholm Community Center was closed due to COVID-19. 

Despite the Coronavirus outbreak and the delays it caused for him, Alek hit the ground running academically as a participant scoring remarkably high on his initial online practice test.  

Once the Daytona State College Deland campus opened back up for testing, Alek quickly took advantage and earned his diploma. 

Developing career and life skills 

Despite the pandemic, Alek attended multiple workshops to help him as an employee and to help him in his personal life. These lessons addressed work ethic and interviewing preparation, financial management, and personal life skill development. He also obtained his Safe Staff Food Handlers credential. 

Becoming an entrepreneur 

Prior to enrolling in the Eckerd Connects program, Alek was a Painter’s Helper at an automotive collision repair center in Deland; however, he recently began the process of starting his own landscaping business called Total Turf Solutions and Pressure Washing 

Alek officially completed the required items to start it such as registering his company name (Sunbiz) among the other necessary items needed. 

An official business owner 

Alek stated that he already has 15 residential and commercial client contracts in the Deland area. He hopes that in time his small business will grow to the point he will need to take on some additional employees as well.  

Alek was reassured that success would come with his drive and determination coupled with his work ethic! 

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