Five highly marketable skills learned in the military

Your military skills are amazing skills in the civilian world too.
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Serving in the military is one of the most honorable acts an American can do in their lifetime. We celebrate the daily sacrifices these men and women make to protect our country. However, we often fail to honor that sacrifice after they have left the service. 

Many veterans find the transition into civilian careers challenging for many reasons. First, the structure of military jobs is vastly different from those  in the private sector, and if someone joins the military at 18, they may not know any other work style than that of their military branch. 

If you are struggling to create a resume for a civilian career after serving in the Armed Forces, below are five transferrable skills you can use for just about any industry: 


Any military career requires communication skills from when you first join until you retire. You work with people from all walks of life and must problem-solve with team members to complete complex objectives. This skill immediately transfers to any upper-level position in management, regardless of the industry you go into. 


Military training is known for its rigorous training, strict compliance with rules, and understanding the pecking order of different roles. As a veteran, you are familiar with discipline – likely far more so than other competitors in the job market. This should be highlighted in interviews, as you have proven that you have what it takes to persevere through adversity. 

Leadership and teamwork ability

The military has a strict pecking order between different roles, which requires the ability to lead and follow. Therefore, you likely had to display teamwork ability and prove yourself as a leader among your colleagues to move up the ranks. This makes you uniquely qualified for leadership and management roles in the future. 

Technical skill

Your technical skill in the military can often be translated to jobs in similar fields in the private sector. If you’re unsure what roles you can fill in your industry, use the military skills translator to find a match for you. 


Veterans know what it means to serve a purpose bigger than themselves. This is an irreplaceable value to companies looking to grow and achieve bigger goals with the help of dedicated team members. You should highlight this earned value in every interview, no matter the role or industry you’re pursuing. 

Our job is to ensure veterans can thrive in our communities during and after their time in the Armed Forces. We take this duty seriously and want to support veterans and active-duty military members in transferring their skills to various career paths. If you need help transitioning into a civilian career, contact us.