Success Stories | Barbarah

Meet Barbarah


A single mother of two daughters, Barbarah lost her job after becoming pregnant with her third child and was no longer able to pay her rent. Homeless, undergoing a high-risk pregnancy, and caring for two other little ones, Barbarah spent many nights moving from friend’s couch to friend’s couch, sometimes even sleeping in her car.

In December, Barbarah was able to connect with the Eckerd Connects Housing Program. With financial assistance and dedication to rebuilding, she was able to move into a beautiful new apartment in Palm Bay, FL. Through donations to Eckerd Connects, she received many Christmas presents for her children. With a roof over her head and several smiling faces on Christmas morning, she said she was so grateful and had the very best Christmas.

Barbarah works hard.

She works full time in a Call Center. Before the pandemic, she had a friend who would take care of her children while she was working. Now, due to the pandemic, she’s working at home and her children are with her. This has been a blessing to Barbarah because she had the opportunity to see the first steps of her youngest child. “While going through tough times, I always had a positive attitude and kept humble and held faith in God,” Barbarah said.

During these six months in the program, Barbarah has received financial assistance with her rent, utilities, toiletry items from Room of Hope, a laptop, bed furniture for her children, and a Welcome Basket. Barbarah has had the opportunity to save money thanks to Eckerd Connects. She is ready to be discharged from our Housing Program in two weeks.

Thanks to Eckerd Connects, Barbarah has been able to rebuild her life and become self-sufficient. “I just wanted to thank (my family coach) so much, and also Eckerd Connects for helping me and my kids have a stable home – words can’t explain how grateful I am.”

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