Rescue Kit – Help us provide emergency care to a child in crisis

David stared with a vacant expression.

A mere shell of a little boy, he sat unresponsive as the rescue team waded through the filth of what was more of a prison than a home.

David’s parents had decided they’d rather get so loaded they couldn’t see straight than to love their son.
And his young life was at risk.

The rescue team moved quickly. The only goal: rush David to safety.

Everything seemed to happen at lightspeed. And David escaped in the arms of a rescue worker with nothing but the dingy shirt on his back . . .

My name is David Dennis. I’m the President and CEO of Eckerd Connects — one of America’s largest nonprofits advocating for children and families.

For over 50 years, Eckerd Connects has been one of the most experienced and trusted partners in helping states transform their systems of care.

But more than anything, we’ve been a lifeline for at-risk children. And giving them the opportunity to succeed — even thrive!

And I’m writing to you today on behalf of kids just like David. Because right now, so many of them need your help.

It’s no exaggeration to write that prior to being rescued, David lived in what can only be described as a living hell. And he was a victim of abuse, neglect, and possibly even disturbing experiences that common decency prevents me from sharing with you . . .

And in these potentially dangerous rescue situations, it’s critical for teams to move swiftly. Some lucky children might have the chance to cram a few prized possessions into a garbage bag. But many times, like for David, there simply isn’t enough time for a child to grab any special belongings.

I think you’ll agree, these boys and girls are worth so much more. And this holiday season, you have the opportunity to show them . . .

Starting at just $11, you can provide emergency care for a child in crisis — including a Rescue Kit with the basic hygiene essentials that will help show them they matter and that you care. But if you can give more . . .

  • Your gift of $19 will provide a Rescue Kit that includes a critical, full-sized hygiene pack.
  • Your gift of $25 will provide a Rescue Kit that includes a hygiene pack, a pair of shoes, an outfit for a little one, and diapers.
  • Your gift of $35 provide a Rescue Kit that includes a hygiene pack, a pair of shoes, and an outfit for an older child.

But please don’t wait.

Every 2 minutes a child is swiftly removed from a situation of neglect and abuse. Their already-difficult lives are disrupted even further. And they’re forced to grapple with feelings of being unloved and unwanted.

Rescue Kits demonstrate to a child that someone cares. And that they’re valued.

But for the child in crisis — like David — who’s been rescued, a Rescue Kit represents so much more. You can see it in their faces . . .

As the children dig through their Rescue Kits, their expressions change from curiosity to surprise to utter delight. The basics of clothing and pajamas help restore dignity. The various toiletries help them begin to feel good about themselves.

They suddenly experience comfort — even security. Something so many have been deprived of for so long.

A Rescue Kit placed into the hands of a child who has been rescued from a living hell instantly communicates “you are loved and supported.”

Although healing and recovery have not yet begun, from the minute a boy or girl receives this Kit, the child knows they’re not alone.

I hope you can see why I’m writing to you on behalf of the many children like David . . .

There’s no better gift you could give this holiday season. Please give as quickly, and generously, as you can.

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David Dennis, President and CEO of Eckerd Connects



Thank you in advance for caring,

David Dennis
President and CEO


*Name changed for privacy and security.