No Time to Mourn

Can you imagine having sole responsibility for three children at 19… because your mother was shot and killed in front of your home?

That’s the desperate situation Monica found herself in. While the details of how Monica’s life was balanced on a knife’s edge are unique, there are so many young people like her who face enormous hurdles just to reach basic success in life.

These are hardships that make it almost impossible to get an education, get a job, build a family, and get by in the world. Monica grew up in a part of one of our southern cities that can only be described as a war zone.

After her mother was killed, Monica found herself the sole provider for herself, her infant son, and her two younger siblings. She didn’t have a job. She had just graduated high school.

Faced with that situation, most American teenagers would turn to family members for help. But Monica had no family members who were better off and could offer assistance. For so many, this is truer in the COVID-19 era than ever before. So how could Monica create a future for herself and the three young children who now depended on her? She had nothing to build on.

A teen might need educational support or tutoring to get through high school. A young adult may have already dropped out and doesn’t know what to do next. Many have the ability and drive to succeed in careers that require college degrees, but no one in their family has ever done that before -so they don’t receive the encouragement, or the help to take qualifying exams, apply for scholarships, apply for acceptance, etc.

Others who decide to forgo college and get a job are unsure about how to apply, or how to present themselves for an interview. They may not even have clothing suitable for an interview.

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