Michael Diaz-Jimenez

michaelFrom the moment Michael Diaz-Jimenez came into the Florida Youth Connections program he knew exactly what he wanted. “I want to work hard so I can provide for my family in Puerto Rico, and marry my girlfriend and bring her to the States.” Michael wanted to work in production so he would have regular salary growth opportunities, and had a previous background in construction and landscaping.

Michael enrolled in the Florida Youth Connections Program on the recommendation of his family, seeking opportunities for Work Readiness Training, Occupational Training, and Employment. He was 22 years old and had just moved from Puerto Rico three weeks prior to coming to Career Source. Understandably, he was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the new culture and language. After meeting with his new Career Coach, Michael discovered that English language and Communications were the two biggest barriers he needed to overcome. A plan was made, and Michael was enrolled in ESOL classes at the Literacy Council. He was also placed in the Forward March, a program of Eckerd Workforce Development, where he successfully completed 140 hours of Work Readiness Training including Academic, Occupational, and Job Shadowing. Michael also received NRF Customer Service Certification and one-on-one job search assistance.

After three months of hard work, diligent job searching, and multiple interviews Michael secured full time employment with Nobility Homes, a local employer who specializes in the production of manufactured homes; it was a perfect fit for Mr. Diaz-Jimenez. Michael’s managers are so impressed with his performance that they have already increased his salary and given him additional responsibilities.

As a result, Michael just recently purchased his first car! He loves his new found independence, and is very grateful for the opportunity that has come his way since enrollment in Eckerd Workforce Development Program. Michael Diaz-Jimenez, his family, and Career Coach are extremely proud of his accomplishments.

Everyone who has met Michael can agree that this young man is a great example of what motivation and hard work can produce!