Oliver J. Bell

Mr. Bell leads a diverse labor relations consulting firm that values direct management-employee relationships, recognizes the dynamics of organizational change, trains leadership skills, and helps clients align stakeholder goals. Bell provides the firm’s strategic direction, coordinates business development, and interfaces with client counsel as needed. He advises senior leaders, directs strategic communications, and identifies proactive solutions to workplace/employee issues by focusing on consensus building and timely issue resolution. He has worked with union/union-free companies in North, Central, & South America, the Caribbean, and Europe. He has been involved in over 1,000 client scenarios including over 250 RC/RD elections, 600 mitigation campaigns, 900 situation assessments and audits, and too many leader and employee training sessions to count!

Mr. Bell founded the Texas Labor & Employee Relations Consortium for senior leaders to discuss emerging workplace trends and their impact on labor and employment law application. He is also leading an effort to encourage character training and development. Our belief is you hire for talent, but you fire for character. We must manage our behavior and expectations accordingly. Bell’s clients come from many industries including agriculture, aviation, automotive, construction, customer service, education, elder care, energy, financial services, food service, government, healthcare, hospitality, law enforcement, logistics, manufacturing, mining & minerals, retail, oil & gas, technology, telecommunications, transportation, and utilities. Mr. Bell regularly speaks on leadership, labor & employment, and inclusion & diversity issues for clients and conferences.

In addition to his business activities, the Governor of Texas appointed Mr. Bell to serve on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission (TPWC). TPWC is a national leader in natural resources conservation and outdoor recreational programs. Acting as a board of directors, the Commission oversees the management and conservation of the natural and cultural resources of Texas and provides hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation opportunities for the use and enjoyment of all citizens. As additional duties, Commissioner Bell currently advises the internal audit team, serves on the board of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation, and coordinates the commission’s efforts for greater inclusion and diversity outreach to increase state park and monument visits and citizen participation in hunting, fishing, and conservation efforts.

Mr. Bell’s earlier public sector board service includes serving as Chairman of the Texas Board of Criminal Justice. Chairman Bell was responsible for the oversight of the $3.3 Billion, 40,000-employee Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ). Bell also served as Chairman of the Windham School District (WSD) Board of Trustees. WSD is the largest geographic school district in the state of Texas. To honor his service to the board, department, and district – TDCJ renamed the former Cleveland (TX) Correctional Facility – The Oliver J. Bell Correctional Unit – in March of 2020. Mr. Bell also served on the Board of Regents at Texas Southern University overseeing a student body of more than 10,000 scholars and a staff and faculty of 1,400 employees. Regent Bell chaired the Finance Committee and the Presidential Search Committee.

Mr. Bell is a graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point. He is airborne ranger qualified and commanded a border mission Cavalry Troop with the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment on the East-West German Border. He served as the Officer-In-Charge and co-developer of the US Army Scout Platoon Leader’s Course and later commanded a unit in the 10th Cavalry – “The Buffalo Soldiers.” Bell was selected to return to West Point to teach international relations but declined to pursue a civilian career. After leaving active military service, Mr. Bell joined Mobil Oil’s Human Resources Group. He left Mobil to pursue a career in labor relations consulting. Mr. Bell rose to Vice President of a large consulting firm before leaving to form his own firm.

Mr. Bell is a past member of the National Association of Corporate Directors where he was certified a “Board Governance Fellow.” He is a member of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment Association, the Association of the United States Army, and has sat on several nonprofit boards. Mr. Bell is also an “Honorary Kentucky Colonel” appointed by the Governor of Kentucky. Mr. Bell lives in Cleveland, Texas with his wife. He has two daughters and a son-in-law – all West Point graduates – currently on active duty serving as Intelligence and Cyber Warfare officers.