Jean Carlo

jean at job
Jean Carlo at his first job

Eckerd’s Project Bridge would like to feature 17-year-old Jean Carlo. Jean was able to reveal his potential and break the vicious cycle of delinquency. Things were foggy and uncertain in Jean’s eyes when he initially began working with Career Service Counselor (CSC) Ramirez of Eckerd Workforce Development. Jean did not have a clear idea of what he could do in life.

Through vocational training Jean was able to earn certifications and employment. Jean was persistent in his attendance to his job readiness classes and showed a great desire to become successful in life. Jean had confidence instilled in him by Mr. Ramirez during his time with the program. On March 15, 2016, Jean was hired by Wendy’s. It is his first job and his first step towards a career and financial independence.

While in the program Jean consistently demonstrated the strength, persistence and a great attitude!  His efforts paid off and he is now doing well in society and his community. This inspirational young man was also able to overcome his past addictions and has separated himself from negative influences and people. Staff and friends from Eckerd’s Project Bridge program wishes Jean continued success and happiness in life.