Jazia, 16, says she’ll make history one day — but today, just needs a family

Child, Age: Jazia (16)

Caption: “I’ll make history!”

Photo credit: Photo by Jessica Fredericks Photography

Bio: Although she’s the first to admit she can be a “tough nut to crack,” Jazia’s a kind, open-minded young woman, and as those who are closest to her can attest, “to know her is to love her.” Jazia’s a strong advocate for herself and for those who need a voice, and she possesses a quiet, admirable strength. She has a positive outlook and big dreams for her future, which include becoming a famous author a la-Stephanie Meyer (Twilight is her favorite book series). She’s a passionate shopper, a fierce friend, and great dancer who dreams of traveling to California, “where dreams come true.


Jazia longs not to fit herself into a family, but to find one that absorbs and celebrates all of her wonderfulness just as she is. She’ll thrive in a two-parent home or with a strong, single mother as an only or youngest child, where she’ll get the unconditional love, guidance and encouragement she needs to succeed.


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