It Takes A Village | A Wraparound Success Story

A mother at one of our Florida Hi-Five sites reached out to our Brevard County Prevention Services team for help.

She shared that due to unfortunate circumstances, she found herself living in her car with her four children. They ranged in age from just one year old to twelve years old. With the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic still in full swing for so many, this mother had been struggling since losing her job as a result.

The family unfortunately didn’t qualify for Eckerd Connects’ housing assistance program, but we were committed to helping them. One of our Community Outreach Specialists worked with the mother to put calls in to local shelters and complete various applications for financial assistance. This staff member was able to connect the mother with a local transitional shelter.

In the meantime, one of our Administrative Coordinators was able to secure clothing and hygiene items for everyone in the family.

Importantly, our Program Manager was able to secure gas cards, enabling the mother to be able to continue bringing her children to school while in the emergency shelter.

As it turns out, the shelter we connected the family with needed a few days before there would be housing available. Our Prevention Services team banded together to secure a hotel room for the family through private donations.

After considering how else we may be able to coordinate assistance, we reached out to the Hi-Five program staff and arranged for additional services to be made available to the family to ensure their primary needs were met.


They say it takes a village – and it’s plain to see that our Eckerd Connects Prevention Services village in Brevard County is strong.

From schools to partner agencies to private donors, we’re committed to going above and beyond whenever possible so families can be supported and get back on their feet.

We believe that it’s this dedication that allows us to play an active role in building stronger families and connecting everyone with the opportunity to succeed.


Support our mission, learn more about our Prevention Services, or find a program near you below. Even if you think you may not qualify, reach out to us and let us connect you with local resources.

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