Heartbroken by Her Mother’s Tragic Death, Determined Single Mom Beats All Odds

Teaira , a 23-year-old single mother, from the high crime and poverty-stricken streets of Fort Pierce, Florida found herself searching for answers after a traumatic experience.

In 2015 Teaira’s mother suffered a gunshot wound to the head. She survived initially but would soon succumb to her injuries. Teaira, 19 at the time, was left with the responsibility of caring for her two younger sisters, so they did not enter the foster care system, as well as her 2-year-old son.

After experiencing such an event and being forced to become a primary caretaker of her sisters, Teaira wanted to show her family that she was unstoppable. She decided to focus on a career and enrolled in college.

Teaira enrolled in the YouthBuild USA program at IRSC – Indian River State College. She was able to earn several certifications and learned that the construction industry was not her path. Teaira graduated from the Youth Build program and went on to earn her CNA license. She is now working full time as a Medicine Technician for an assisted living facility.

Since becoming employed Teaira has been able to buy a car, find an apartment, child care assistance, and counseling for her and her family. Teaira’s story is one of many that show how employment is a crucial link to preventing children from entering the child welfare or juvenile justice systems.

We’re so proud of your determination and tenacity, Teaira!