Farhan will be starting Pasco Hernando State College

Before coming to Eckerd Youth Challenge, Farhan was failing at his goals to attend college and become a successful businessman. He was 17 years old and had a list of charges, mostly concerning illegal substances. Although Farhan had obtained his GED®, he was not seeking out opportunities for higher education or gainful employment. His behavior had also put a tremendous strain on the relationships he had with his family, and while he had the potential to do great things, he just did not seem interested.

Farhan has often credited being sent to Eckerd Youth Callenge as the wake-up call that he needed to start making some better decisions. While in care, Farhan completed his treatment goals and strived to take advantage of the many opportunities this program offers. He was a role model to his fellow peers and could often be heard encouraging them to make the most out of treatment instead of treating it like “doing time.”

Through the Eckerd Youth Challenge program, Farhan completed the Pre-Apprenticeship Certificate Training (PACT) through the Home Builders Institute (HBI), which is a certification in the area of facilities maintenance.  He also received a certification in customer service through the National Retail Federation. His initiative to set himself up for success and positive opportunities in the community was apparent to the entire Eckerd Kids staff. It was often remarked by his teachers that once Farhan put his mind to a goal, you could consider it already achieved.

Through the guidance of staff members and the support of his family, Farhan has met every goal he had set out for himself.  Recently, Farhan was accepted to Pasco Hernando State College where he plans to study Business Management. Working with a young man like Farhan serves as the best confirmation that with a supportive alliance of residential staff and teachers, we can all help all youth achieve their dreams of success.