Delmis at her program Graduation Ceremony

Delmis was a 13-year-old girl who was referred to Eckerd’s Wraparound Program in Lafayette, Louisiana by her probation officer. Her continued disruptive behavior at home and the community put the teen at risk of being placed in secured police custody.

At the time of referral, Delmis and her family were involved with the Department of Child and Family Services for allegations of physical abuse by her mother. Delmis was also on probation with the Louisiana Office of Juvenile Justice; she had been ordered to house arrest and had to wear an ankle monitor. Delmis also had been expelled from both her regular local school and a nearby alternative school for her behavior and for leaving school campus without permission.

Delmis, who is Hispanic, spoke English, but her mother did not. Because of this, her mother was unable to talk with the family doctor and the youth did not see her physician on a regular basis. The Wraparound team worked feverishly to identify providers that could overcome the language barrier. They linked the family to a local pediatrician that spoke Spanish, as well as home services and medication management that used translation services.

Flex funds were used to enroll Delmis in a community softball team. Her coach became an informal source of support for her. Delmis was also linked to a local church youth group through to enjoy the positive social interaction with her peers.  The also attended family therapy and participated in individual counseling services for a past sexual assault that had never been addressed. As a result of this counseling, her mother was able to gain a better understanding of how this assault was and may continue to affect her behaviors.

The team also assisted Delmis’ mother in obtaining the necessary documentation for her to file for immigration status. They connected the mother with Catholic Charities who assisted her with filing her immigration status with the assistance of an attorney. Her mother was approved for immigration and will now be able to remain in the United States with her daughter, without fear of deportation.

Delmis was supposed to be returning to 5th grade at the end of the year. However, with the assistance of the Wraparound team, she applied for and was approved for homeschool. She will be returning to a regular education setting when school starts again in August and will be completing a placement test so she can return to her proper grade level.

As a result of Delmis’ participation in the Wraparound program for seven months, she was successfully completed her probation and was released from supervision by the court. DCFS was also able to close the case they had on her family.