Job training program prepares area young adults for changing job market in age of COVID-19

With the unemployment tripling in the last 5 months Eckerd Connects’ Prince George’s County job training program for young adults is preparing to accept a new cohort with slight differences due to the pandemic.

The program manager for Prince George’s Youth Career Center says the core functions are still intact, but how they’re teaching them is a little different.

The pandemic has forced leaders to engage in new ways and ask new questions to prepare their 18-24 year-olds.

“How do I appear to be nice and kind when I’m wearing a mask, so those are the things. We’re still teaching the same core things, but it’s how we’re applying it, looks a little different,” said Program Manager Ashley Baldwin.

It’s also allowing them to take advantage of all of the resources present.

The agency reposted a video to their Instagram page that features TikTok influencer, Julian Parra.

“This is not a time to be stingy with our resources,” said Baldwin.

TikTok is relatively new for Parra, but the lessons he’s teaching are not.

He’s using the skills he learned in college as a peer career ambassador to get his followers job-ready. I’ve had a couple of comments saying that my videos have helped them land jobs or have helped them (to) perform better in their careers and that’s essentially my main goal.

Even though he’s based in New Jersey, he’s glad to see how his videos are helping those in Prince George’s County.

It comes at an important time.

Full article by Justin Hinton (ABC7), read here

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