Without your help this holiday season, they don’t have a prayer…

The emergency room felt hollow to Carrie*. But not as hollow as the hole that had been suddenly blown deep in her chest.

The hurt. The anger. The betrayal. But more than anything, Carrie was scared.

After drinking herself into oblivion, Carrie’s mom tried to take her own life. Carrie didn’t see the scene, but she’d heard. Everyone was talking about it: Her mom had driven an old truck into a hotel building.

But her mom was still alive. For now, Carrie thought to
herself . . . Dad hadn’t shown up yet.

Just thinking of her dad sent a shiver coursing through Carrie’s spine. She couldn’t help but tremble. The memory of him threatening to burn their house down was shockingly vivid in her mind. Carrie could still smell the gasoline drenching their front porch. And the crazed look in his eyes when he threatened to kill them.

When he found out . . .

I’m writing to you today on behalf of kids just like Carrie. Because right now, so many of them need your help.

It’s no exaggeration to write that Carrie grew up in what can only be described as a warzone. Many of the children we see bear similar scars. Whether it’s because of abuse, neglect, or disturbing experiences that common decency prevents me from sharing with you . . .

And even though Carrie escaped her dangerous situation, what will happen to her, and other young people like her, when she comes of age and is forced out on her own?

Will she end up homeless,
merely because she turned 18?

Here’s the harsh reality: As kids age out of the foster care system, many will be tossed onto the streets wounded, broken, and still suffering from the nightmares of their pasts. They simply won’t be prepared for life.

And without support, these young adults don’t have a prayer of making it.

That’s why we provide services, resources, and training specifically tailored to reach and support a child before they age out of the system. And end up on the streets.

But we need your help. Young people — like Carrie — need your help.

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*Name changed for privacy and security.