Aedan Success StoryAedan was referred to Eckerd Kids’ Central Louisiana Wraparound Services for his emotional outbursts, hitting, spitting at people, and a pattern of destructive behavior. An elementary school student, Aedan would often get angry and tear up his classroom or the principal’s office which he was sent to frequently. He would even mistreat the family pet. The family was not eager about Eckerd Kids becoming involved, but gradually increased their trust in the wraparound process. The family remained engaged in the program for 18 months.

Aedan and his mother Amanda both agreed to engage in Eckerd’s coordinated system of care and received assistance from the Ekhaya Youth and Parent Support Program. Amanda benefited greatly from the parent support that encouraged and assisted her in setting boundaries for her child, even when it got tough. Aedan received services from the youth support program which assisted him in developing his reading skills, anger management and learning the importance of respecting authority.

Through the wraparound process, Amanda learned to expand her natural supports by asking her mother, sister and other family friends to become active participants in her family’s life. She agreed to move in with her sister into a new home where there was a yard for her son to play in and a landlord that acted as a grandfather figure and a positive role model for the young boy.

Aedan has continuously found ways to become involved in the community through different soccer programs, tutoring programs and anything else that the mother has found to be of interest to him.  He struggled to maintain placement at his original school and Amanda made the difficult decision of transferring him. The switch proved to be beneficial as Aedan’s behavior steadily improved. The youth recently attended an end of the year award ceremony at his school where he received a medal for most improved behavior.

The family is now equipped with the skills and the support systems to continue the youth’s success throughout his life. Aedan’s mother says, “Thank you all, so much for everything that you have done to help us become a more stable family.”