This kind 14-yr-old hopes he finds the kind of home that appreciates him for who he is

Child, Age: Jeffrey (14)

Caption: “I’ve got a bright future ahead.”

Photo credit: Photo by DZI Photography

Being respectful, kind-hearted and empathetic is something that sets Jeffrey apart from most 14-year-old boys you’ll meet. He is described by his teachers as a “role model” despite the difficult times he’s endured, and is always kind to those who aren’t always kind to him.

He is an extremely talented artist and looks forward to using his love of architecture and his ability to build Lego sets from memory to carry out his dreams in the future.  Jeffrey is an adventurous, curious kid who yearns for a family who will simply volunteer at his football games, encourage his creativity, and have an overall, fun-loving perspective on life.

Jeffrey would do best in a home with a positive male role model and a nurturing mother. He would also welcome the opportunity to be in a home with siblings and pets.

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