Access to Success: The Brother’s Family

Brothers FamilyGrandfather, Mr. Brothers, recently received custody of his three grandchildren.

This new living arrangement began at the same time school started, and the three children did not know how they were going to complete online schoolwork. Mr. Brothers, who formerly worked for the school system, reached out to the staff at Endeavor Elementary for help.

We connected him to Ms. Griffin; the Eckerd Connects Prevention Specialist at the school. Ms. Griffin would work with his 3rd grade grandson, Kyng, and she knew how important online access would be for this school year.  Ms. Griffin shares, “I’m told that he is a great man and he is very caring. At one time, he even worked with a few of the teachers that are still here at Endeavour!” Mr. Brothers recently retired and says that he was looking forward to doing whatever he wanted because “all my children are grown now” and he’s worked hard, “but God had other plans”.

He rearranged his home so that all of his grandchildren could have their own rooms. He’s also making sure he continues to take them to their extracurricular activities as to not disrupt their lives too much. Generous supporters made the laptop, printer, and headphones provided to the Brothers family possible.

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