Two Peas in a Pod: Brother and Sister Pray They Get Adopted Together

These great kids would love to be adopted together into an active, loving home. They’d like a two-parent family, with an engaged male role model and a strong, supportive female figure. They have strong ties to their culture, especially the food, and having that be a part of their forever home would help them thrive.

Nivea, 10

Nivea’s a strong, empathetic kid who loves running, reading, and soul food. She’s fast and determined, and was recently added to the traveling track team where she thrives. Nivea’s very independent, but she adores her big brother and relies on him to help her navigate life. When she grows up she wants to become a famous cardiologist, and if she could change anything about the world it would be racism. She’s an excellent student, and has a goal this new year to read over 300 books! Nivea has made incredible personal strides this year, and has a lot to be proud of.

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Shupell, 16

Shupell’s little sister must get her tenacity from him, because he is one of the most disciplined athletes on his football team. He throws himself body and soul into the game, and his determination sets him apart and makes him a leader on the field. He’s gunning for the NFL Hall of Fame, and would also like to be a strength and conditioning coach for future athletes. He thinks it would be awesome to spend some time in Hawaii, and aside from football he loves movies and hanging out with friends. Shupell is a devoted and protective big brother, and spends as much time with Nivea as he can. He also shares her love of soul food!