Tori with an award from her school

Torieyanna was a fearful girl when she first entered Eckerd’s Central Louisiana Wraparound Agency in Alexandria. Much of her fear and behavioral issues stemmed from physical abuse and neglect during her earliest years, which lead her to be placed in foster care. After eight different foster home placements, she was adopted at the age of six. Then, an accident on the school bus left her too scared to ride it any longer. Torieyanna was also disruptive in class, getting into physical fights with other students and even adults, as well as not making any progress in her education. At six years old, she still could not read.

Torieyanna’s adoptive parents were referred to Eckerd’s CenLa Wraparound Agency. She was teamed up with a Facilitator who arranged for her to being counseling through Community Support Services. A therapist saw Torieyanna almost daily at school and began helping the young girl sort through her many emotions. By the end of the school year, Independent Life Skills Building (ILSB) services were added, and a learning coach met with her three to four times a week during the summer. Besides basic living skills such as grooming, shopping, and relationship building skills, the ILSB coach worked with her on site words, reading and math skills.

Torieyanna is now doing much better as school. She’s completing all of her assignments, earning A’s in conduct, making friends with other students, and has even overcome her fear of riding on the school bus. At home, Torieyanna’s relationship with her siblings has improved as well. She is no longer isolating herself and is now playing with her brothers outside, seeking them out rather than them having to coax her outside.