The Hardest Job She Ever Loved

Small girl enjoying time with parents

Rhonda Stueve and her husband Chris already had five children between them, so you might not expect Rhonda to welcome more. But she felt so blessed, and had more love to share. At Eckerd Connects, we herald foster mothers like Rhonda because there are so many children who need a safe home while their permanent future is sorted out. The care and comfort mothers like Rhonda give to children for a week or a month or a year is pure love … and so powerful.

“We heard about Eckerd Connects and foster care and how much they do for the children and families beyond just fostering. We just felt it was the right program for us. Their training and support was very helpful. They were there for us with just about any issue we had.”

First, Rhonda and Chris took in Jaden when he was just an infant.

Sadly, his home was troubled by domestic violence perpetrated by his father, and little Jaden was removed to protect him.

He was returned to his birth mother, and then removed again, three times in total. Still not yet a year old, now Jaden is only happy in Rhonda’s arms and cries whenever she and Chris are out of his sight. Jaden needs a new permanent home, and Rhonda would love to welcome him to her family forever, so she has applied for adoption.

The couple has also welcomed a two-month-old infant who was also removed from a dangerous home. Tiny Lila was suffering from anxiety related to neglect and trauma. Rhonda is ready with an open heart to give baby Lila the special care she needs.

Rhonda, Chris, and their five children are so grateful for Eckerd Connects who provide foster care services to find safe homes for children like Jaden and Lila.

“My two foster children are the most amazing little angels brimming with so much potential it brings tears to my eyes. I can only hope their lives will allow them the support they need to become all they were created to be. It has made me realize how blessed my family has been and how much we need to share that. It has been exhausting, amazing, heartbreaking, joyful, and the hardest job we have ever loved.”

There are many ways you can help vulnerable children in foster care.  Ways to help:

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